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natural head to toe beauty products expertly-picked and delivered specifically for you

Subscription Description

There are thousands of beauty products on the market today.  Knowing what product is really right for you can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Do you technically need a toner? Another moisturizer for just your eyes?  What do the marketing claims “revolutionary anti-aging”, “dermatologist tested”,  or “advanced pore shrinking technology” even mean?  Is it cetyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol that I want to avoid?  Which ingredients are petroleum derived?

Cosmetics Shopping

Welcome to Green Beauty Bag where you are able to relax and let a a skin care professional do all your product selection for you.  Every three months a Green Beauty Bag full of natural, organic beauty products will be shipped to your front door that have been selected specifically for you.  Simply check out the links to the left to learn more about our various bag options or take this quick QUIZ and we can recommend an option for you!

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