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Fine Herbal Cleanser

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A results-oriented formula from Farmaesthetics ideal for a range of skin conditions, from mature to acneic to sensitive. Raising the bar on sustainable skincare, this pristine product is made with true geranium (different from the scented plant used for ornamentation), combined with lavender, glycerin & witch hazel. It has astringent, antiseptic properties, useful in balancing the production of sebum (skin’s natural moisturizer). 8 oz glass bottle



Excellent for all skin types, from oily to dry, or patchy complexions. Serves to settle the kind of red, inflamed skin conditions that can accompany hormonal imbalances in adults & teens alike (e.g. acne or rosacea)



Created for use on the face, but is appropriate for body, bath & baby!



Washes away impurities and excess oil, without ever changing the skin’s natural ph balance or washing away the wanted outer layer of natural oils.   Naturally fragrant and antiseptic. Non-irritating, as it does not contain synthetic surfactants or harsh cleansing agents, soaps or perfumes.


Ingredients: witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, acylglutamate (a natural amino acid derived from sugarcane), geranium essential oil & lavender essential oil.

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