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My 5 Favorite Green Beauty Bag Products!

As of September 2nd at 12:56 am here are my top 5 products from Green Beauty Bag:


NYR logo1) Neals Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

This is hands down one of my fave most versatile products I have ever used!  In the winter it serves as my day and night time moisture.   I put it on in the morning, let it absorb for a few minutes while I brush my teeth and dry my hair.  Then I apply my makeup directly on top and man oh man it keeps my skin hydrated and my makeup looking fresh all day long.  During the summer (when I like a lighter feel moisturizer all over my skin) my WRBB is my lip balm, night time serum 2x a week, and just ask my husband my cure all recommendation for EVERYTHING: chapped cheeks from skiing,  cracking dry hands/fingers, burns, diaper rash, you name it!  Did I mention is comes with an organic muslin cloth?  Love this product I truly can’t say enough great things about it!!


2) ErbaOrganics Stretch Mark Cream

Being 8 months pregnant I am not quite sure how my stomach is going to stretch much more for this sworganic stretch mark creameet little baby to grow, but everyone tells me, “You just wait it’s possible!”  And since stretch marks from pregnancy run in my family I want to do all I can do to help avoid them if possible.  So for the last three months I have been applying this stretch mark cream every morning and night (well not quite every night, but you get the picture). I love the feel. I can get dressed right after application without worrying about it staining or absorbing into my clothes while at the same time I can feel the lotion still moisturizing my skin hours later.  When I start to feel itchy (the skin stretching) I get immediate relief as soon as I apply the cream to my tummy.  Also, because an extra 25 pounds has made me a bit lazy, I opted for using the cream as my all over body lotion one day when my usual bottle was MIA and my legs looked so shiny (yet not greasy) all day.


3) Oregon Soap Company Foaming Soap: Pacific Northwest Lavendernautral soap pump

This soap lasts forever, no jokes.  My 2 1/2 year old LOVES using it after going on the big girl potty. Honestly I used it as a bribe to get her fully potty trained letting her use a pump or two of the foam soap after using the restroom, which you better believe it worked like a charm, of course I threw in some Hershey Kisses every now and then too.  The pump of foam smells nice and light, void of the many yucky chemicals found in other hand soaps, doesn’t strip the skin, and truly it seems to be a never ending supply!


4) Coola Mineral Face Tint Rose SPF 20tinted SPF moisturizer

After trying so many different facial screens in search of one that didn’t feel/look like a mask on top of my skin, cause congestion, smell like I was on my way to the pool, and void of the chemicals I found Coola.  This brand is amazing.  The brand constantly has one of the lowest scores with the Environmental Working Group.  If you aren’t familiar with the EWG they rate products based on their ingredients and the lower the rating the safer the product.  All of the Coola mineral SPFs have a smooth glide and a light feel,  similar to a make up primer.  I like the Rose tint in particular because the rose helps combat my redness and the tint (although super mild) is a nice base on days I am not going into my whole makeup regime.


5) Organyc Cotton Ballsorganic cotton balls

This one sounds silly I know, a cotton ball really?  But bear with me here.  These cotton balls first and foremost are organic cotton.  Did you know that more pesticides are used in the production of cotton than any other crop? Aldicarp is a commonly used cotton pesticide. A single drop of aldicarp absorbed through the skin can kill an adult.  Many countries have banned the use of this chemical, not the U.S. With that said we already have a winner with using organic cotton on our skin right?  But to be a little more vain, these cotton balls are the softest cotton I have ever felt.  They do not pull on the skin whatsoever so I love them for cleaning under my eyes on that delicate tissue.


I would love to hear from you!  What are your favorite products right now offered by Green Beauty Bag?



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