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natural head to toe beauty products expertly-picked and delivered specifically for you

Introducing Green Beauty Bag: A concierge subscription service for natural, organic beauty products


There are thousands of beauty products on the market today. Knowing what product is really right for you can be overwhelming and time consuming. Do you technically need a toner? Another moisturizer for just your eyes? What do the marketing claims “revolutionary anti-aging”, “dermatologist tested”, or “advanced pore shrinking technology” even mean? Is it cetyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol that I want to avoid? Which ingredients are petroleum derived?

Green Beauty Bag is a full service company that allows you to relax and let a skin care professional do all your product selection for you. There are several subscription companies in the beauty industry right now, but none quite like Green Beauty Bag.  We would like to tell you how we stand out above the crowd.

  • Full size natural, organic head to toe beauty products delivered quarterly. Full size products will allow you time to truly see how the product works for you.  While receiving a Green Beauty Bag quarterly you will not be overwhelmed by products arriving too often.
  • You truly get what you pay for.   Organic beauty products, much like food, tend to cost more. However, they are full of non-toxic ingredients you can trust are keeping you safe from all the possible side effects associated with chemicals in other types of products such as hormone disruption, cancer, skin allergies, dermatitis, insomnia, labored breathing, and neurotoxicity, to name a few.  Green Beauty Bag only offers pure green beauty products, you never have to worry about compromising your health for beauty.
  • A personal profile is developed for you to log in and see each product included in your previous Green Beauty Bags, view past online purchases, and leave product reviews, questions, and concerns. This profile allows you a space to customize each bag based on your feedback. It’s a place to communicate with Green Beauty Bag.
  • Your own esthetician (skin care professional) will review your profile a few weeks before and after compiling each Green Beauty Bag to view and reply to any comments.  This ensures product selections are appropriate and meeting your goals. An esthetician is required to complete schooling of over 600 hours in learning specifically about the skin. They are working side by side with you in achieving your beauty goals.
  • A feature/benefit chart is included in each GBB explaining why the ingredients in your new items are a good match based on your skin quiz profile. This information explains what ingredients are in each product you receive and WHY that ingredient is important to have in your regime.
  • Instruction cards are provided for each product to keep handy in your bathroom for ease and reminder of use. The number one reason consumers don’t get the results they want with beauty products is because they are not being used properly. With step by step instructions of when and how to use each product you can get the most out of your GBB product selections to achieve your beauty concerns.
  • Coupon code giving access 24/7 to 10% off GBB products. When you fall in love with a product and want to reorder or simply found something new you want to try you are able to use your unique coupon code for 10% off any product in our online shop.

More than likely we have all been into a bathroom (and it might be our own) and noticed random, half used, or never used products all over the counter and filling the cabinets. With Green Beauty Bag our goal is to avoid the useless product selection individuals might make not knowing what is right for their skin and lifestyle AND share the importance of choosing organic, natural products. We are looking forward to showing you how we are the best subscription beauty service by greening your beauty bag together!

~The Team @ Green Beauty Bag

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