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About Us

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Kileigh Cahill Knott.  I am married to the most supportive laid-back man I know, mother of two energetic kiddos, practicing esthetician, and green spa owner.  I am honored to share my story with you, giving you insight into who I am and how I ended up here, the founder of Green Beauty Bag.

I grew up in Texas, the oldest child in a family of 5 siblings.  So yes I totally have the oldest child traits: bossy, motivated, and caretaker.  I moved to Montana to attend university, where I chose a degree (after a year and a half of general studies) in Health and Human Development: Family Science.  Upon graduation I joined Americorps and spent 2 years traveling around the United States volunteering with various non profit projects, including the Red Cross during Hurricane Katrina.  I made irreplaceable, lifelong friends and encountered both heartbreaking and uplifting experiences.  I can now look back and see that this time in my life was preparing me to lead a life outside the box.  I was inspired to find a hands-on career in which I was working my passion and impacting others positively.

I began practicing massage and quickly fell in love with incorporating essential oils into my treatments.  While researching the therapeutic properties of the different oils I started pondering the question: if essential oils are able to absorb into the body through the skin what else is absorbing through products we use every day?  As a big proponent of eating organic food I can honestly say it was in this moment that I first  began to think of the effects of what I put on my body, not just in it.

Naturally I went to esthetics school, to learn all about skin physiology and functionality.  Armed with my new education of the skin and my appreciation of organic products, I opened up a little green beauty boutique.  The majority of my first time clients feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out their skin’s needs and finding the products and skin care routines best suited for them.  I love being able to introduce and teach others about my specific product choices just for them.  Again, another light bulb moment: although my clients are amazing and unique in their own right, they can’t be the only ones looking for a skin care professional to sort through products, personally pick them out, and give them the knowledge of how, why, and when to use them.

Hence, Green Beauty Bag was developed as a result of my passion for sharing clean personal care products with those beyond my reach at my green beauty boutique in Montana. More than likely we have all been into a bathroom (and it might even be our own) and noticed random, half used, or never used products all over the counter and filling the cabinets.  With Green Beauty Bag our goal is to avoid the useless product selection individuals might make not knowing what is right for their skin and lifestyle and present healthy everyday practical products.

I look forward to learning all about your green beauty needs and choosing specific products for you to fall in love with.  Please contact me if you have any questions, I can’t wait to work with  you.

~Kileigh Cahill Knott